To blog...? / by Chris Kent

To blog, or not to blog. That is the question -- of the 21st century. It's a bit of a weird concept that is both booming and passé. To write opinions or findings about topics where people, strangers, read them and follow them. Some do it religiously. Blogs about art, food, music, fitness, and even porn. Reviews on the topics of pop culture. Blogs about being mommy's, and blogs about being daddy's. Reading about their experiences with parenthood. Connecting with the blogger's experiences, or just looking for answers. Blogs can be a form of writing about life. A journal of sorts -- a "Secret Public Journal" according to a certain famous comedian. But blogging IS a weird concept because anybody can do it, AND anybody can read it. It's a realm that gives both professionals and the Everyman a place to be heard.

MY blog, you ask? "Mark - D - all of the above". Something for everyone. I like to write...hopefully you like to read.