A 'Zine for 2015 - page 2 by Chris Kent

this page, along with page 3 (to be posted later) introduces the "witches" portion of the concept... complete with Queens of the Stone Age lyrics.

all my HEXES live in TEXAS, the title and concept for my first Digital 'Zine.  A 'Pop Culture' pairing of Cowboys and Witches...depicted with popular characters, photos, and lyrics all seen through the hexagonal "eye."  

This is the second page, the cover can be found below...stay tuned for the remaining 4 pages!

Stamp Pop at WOCA #5 - Completed by Chris Kent

"Broken Sunglasses" - Acrylic on Wood, displayed at my 5th appearance at WOCA (Warehouse Of Contemporary Art) on December 13th.  5 pieces - 44"x70" (approx. total dimension)...with the largest being 29"x40" (top left).  Click on the photo gallery to see the other process photos, and check out my previous post to see the digital concept, and the original quartered Stamp Pop piece here.

The next show is in March...come see the next evolution of #StampPop with "Libations".

A Father and His Daughter by Chris Kent

A week old.  The way she looks into my eyes.  Deep, into my soul, as if our love is telepathic beyond anything and everything.  A smirk, a piece of a smile, on the verge of a grin. Is this love? Is this a prediction of our relationship for life?

Or is this just her not being able to see beyond 12 inches and only seeing shapes and contrasting colors? Is THAT a prediction of our relationship for life? 

Photoshop Stuff... by Chris Kent

This is a shot atop the historic Ramada St. James in Gaslamp District of San Diego overlooking Petco Park.  A "before" and an "after" some Photoshop fun.



Stamp Pop at Woca #5 by Chris Kent

The concept for the next evolution of Stamp Pop at the Warehouse Of Contemporary Art.  I missed the September show...but you can see this 5 piece set, Acrylic on Wood, completed on display at the next WOCA show on December 13th.

Duke and Denise - Intro by Chris Kent

The Extraordinary Existential Excerpts from the Life of Duke and Denise:

Duke Trident and Denise Hacienda are a couple, known for their hilarity and polar nature.  Their marriage is one for the storybooks.  What follows are merely just pages from said books.


Stay tuned…

To blog...? by Chris Kent

To blog, or not to blog. That is the question -- of the 21st century. It's a bit of a weird concept that is both booming and passé. To write opinions or findings about topics where people, strangers, read them and follow them. Some do it religiously. Blogs about art, food, music, fitness, and even porn. Reviews on the topics of pop culture. Blogs about being mommy's, and blogs about being daddy's. Reading about their experiences with parenthood. Connecting with the blogger's experiences, or just looking for answers. Blogs can be a form of writing about life. A journal of sorts -- a "Secret Public Journal" according to a certain famous comedian. But blogging IS a weird concept because anybody can do it, AND anybody can read it. It's a realm that gives both professionals and the Everyman a place to be heard.

MY blog, you ask? "Mark - D - all of the above". Something for everyone. I like to write...hopefully you like to read.